When our skills and devotion tackle the thing we internally unanimously adore the most: homemade cooking!
We met Sousou, a local cooking sensation and the cutest granny who was an outstanding chef bearing all the secret inherited recipes of the region, with a big dream, unreachable she thought, to become every Arab woman’s bestfriend in the kitchen while preserving the glory of her ancestors.
Then it hit us. This is every agency’s dream, to conceive such a massive project from scratch.
In other words, nothing beats when a long and detailed research phase fused with marketing insights and exercises results in giving birth to a meticulously targeted Identity, paving the way for the much awaited platform, its evident mobile App and crowned by a highly interactive and relentlessly monitored Social Media strategy.

The Ladies’ feedback and the amount of love we received in return exceeded the client’s expectations as well as ours to say the least!
We hence concluded that today, and in the midst of this severely competitive F&B market, bombarding Arab users with ads and hooking incentivized strategies, people want to belong to a home, people truly long for authenticity and seek nothing more than a practical way to connect with the genuine past and its persisting taste legacies.


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Ms. SouSou

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