Beauty is truly relative, until it hits the cloud! If you’re in the fashion industry and editorials is your bread and butter than you gotta own the digital marketing world and rule your social media channels.
Probably our most effervescent account, due to our ongoing weekly photoshoots and editorials.
But what seems so peachy and fun today, required quite a remarkable period of research, training, preparation and most of all, allocation of the right third parties. KStars were massive when it comes to conventional marketing and sales before reaching us, yet when it comes to the proper targeting and online sales, we sure knew how to give them a hand or two…

Starting by an overall audit and assessment around the previous work done when it comes to design, targeting, content, scheduling and the list goes on… Until reaching the optimum of Social Media organic interactions which translated into a 200% increase in online sales via website’s E-commerce page just 2 months after signing. Sensational photoshoots and tutorial videos put the brand on the International scale of Makeup standards while a hint of local seasonality touched its target audience even deeper.
The pages now look consistent, trendy, homogeneous and most importantly trustworthy, 4 key virtues we always tend to prioritize. What did we learn? We got in touch with our feminine side. All of us.


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